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Talent Mapping

Identify your required talent from the target companies proactively.  Giving you all necessary information of the identified talent. Telling you what they want and what they don't want.

Address your short term talent needs as well as develop a long term talent pool which is tailor-made for your company. 

Market Intelligence

A unique methodology to understand and study the target companies.

Our study covers Company Organization Structure, Business Operation Analysis, Sales Processing, Leadership Management or Head-to-Head Comparison.

Could be one of the best way to understand your business from your competitors.


Reliable and Manageable HR Services Outsourcing. From Payroll Outsourcing, On Boarding, Off Boarding to RPO.

We have a team of expertise to manage all you need for outsourcing services. 

Faster, Cheaper, Sustainable and Manageable.


A new way to target your desired talent and develop a long term strategic talent database for your company.

Pro-active, Targeted, Cost Saving and Long Term Strategic


Identify potential talent from specific companies.

Make sure they are carrying required roles from your target.

Providing Personal Information, Contact Information, Career Background and the Intention of new opportunities.


A fixed Project Fees, without any additional changes no matter how many people you hired from the project.

Better you use it, more you can save.


A tailor-made talent database developed based on your specific requirements.

It doesn't just address the immediate needs but also developed as a long term talent database, which can be used as an on-going basis.

Market intelligence

 A unique methodology to understand and study the target companies.

Could be one of the best way to understand your business from your competitors. 


Capture the latest insight from the market.

Planning ahead beyond your competitors.

Make your company at a leading position.


Study and understand your competitor's organization structure; how they operate and run the business.

Who is the key person and how they manage the team.

Real Time

All information captured from real time.

Analyzing the latest information from market and make the best decision.


Reliable and Manageable HR Services Outsourcing. From Payroll Outsourcing, On Boarding, Off Boarding to RPO.


A complete Payroll Outsourcing Services.

Including Attendance Management, Salary Calculation, Bank Transfer and Records Management.



Provide dedicated person to manage all legitimated pension administration.

From new employee registration, monthly submission to employee termination.


Provide tailor-made HR Administration Outsourcing Services, to manage all your company needed for the HR Services. 

On Boarding, Off Boarding, Medical, Insurance, Consultation etc.

Our Successful Cases


Top Players in China

Executive level study and relationship development covering the Top 10 Internet companies in China.

Interview, Management Study and Relationship Development

Identify the most senior executives in the market and create business relationship.

Private Equity

China Top 10

One of the long term customers using our services over 5 years. Developed a huge Talent Pool across Greater China, APAC and North America.

Recruited the top leaders across different level, Managing Director, Director, VP and Analyst

Provide real time Industry Analysis, supporting their investment decision.


Global Top 10

Complete analysis of  16 competitors across China and Asia Pacific, covering Quality Control, Manufacturing Process and Supply Chain Management.

Talent and Leadership analysis, Compensation Comparison, Talent Motivation Study etc.


China Leading

eFinance Company

Overall management of their Hong Kong operation's Payroll, Attendance and MPF administration.

A complete Payroll Outsourcing Services with dedicated team management.

Hong Kong MPF administration, new employee registration, termination or any changes.

“Your success begins with your People.

Our success starts from your Trust.”

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